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Last Updated on December 15, 2021

In fashion, my primary interest is womenswear. I am admittedly still quite uninitiated in menswear, not because I'd think men's fashion is boring, it's just that womenswear is so rich and complex it consumes all my time and attention (there's still so much I want to learn about its history, it's an ongoing task that I've elevated to my no. 1 priority for summer). However, to me, signature menswear pieces make much more powerful statements than those of womenswear. Minimalism + tradition.

Missy Industry cufflinks

Perhaps I perceive menswear elements as more powerful because I don't wear them myself – unlike good old womenswear, they are foreign to me in practice and therefore more intriguing. Crisp white collared shirts, cologne, cufflinks, and let's not forget that somehow – I don't know how and why as I really don't believe that "clothes make the man" – a suit makes every man look dignified and respectable ... though I am aware all this is no less of an idealisation than male designers' vision of "the perfect woman".

7 thoughts on “On men's fashion”

  1. Vidim, da ne zaidem dovolj pogosto na tvoj blog, kadar pa že, me pa vedno čaka zanimivo branje. Meni se zdi, da je pri ženski modi več prostih rok, več igranja, več drznosti.

    p.s.: Ne vem, zakaj in ne vem od kod mi ideja, ampak nekako sem predvidevala, da boš na Lake's Fashion Days...

    • :)

      Tudi meni se zdi, da je pri moških moda bolj omejena, najbrž zato, ker tudi družba ni navajena, da bi moški posebej izstopali v modnem izrazu. Nekateri ljudje se npr. razburijo, če jim kdo samo omeni moške v krilu (običajnem, ne kiltu). Te meje (spola in identitete) se sicer v zadnjih letih začenjajo rahljati, ampak spremembe se seveda ne zgodijo čez noč.

  2. I love all white in the summer, it' s so 80's! I' m looking for a perfect white blazer right now... ;)

  3. hello..i'm an italian girl!! i love your blog. it's so cool.
    i love your outfit..:)
    do you know the italian brand "il Bisonte"?
    it makes leather handmade bags..i'm sure you'll love it :)


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