I see 4 major motives behind following trends:

  • Guidance: Applies to people who don't pay much attention to their personal style and therefore don't know what suits them. They want an instant solution in the era of instant everything because they're either not interested in fashion and style (but they need to dress well, e.g. because of their social position) or they don't have time to think about it. "If it's trendy, surely it'll look good on me." This is often misleading and, in most extreme cases, makes you look like a fashion victim.
  • Smoke and mirrors: People who want to impress others they deem cool, hip and "above" them. They believe they can reach their level by looking (and acting) the same as their "idols", as if clothes are going to work like a lucky charm. The world is very superficial, fake-it-till-you-make-it-y (that's not always a bad thing though), so they often do work like a lucky charm. Too often.
  • fashion-victim-1

    Fashion victim • From http://blogs.colette.fr/eikomaekawa

  • Fitting in: This one mentally transports me back to elementary school years when you had to be the same as everybody else or you were scorned (I know for a lot of people the height of this sad phenomenon is high school, but thankfully it wasn't for me). In elementary school there was exactly one right model of sneakers, you had to have a discman to listen to during field trips, a Dakine backpack ... You'd have more fashion freedom if you worked as Anna Wintour's assistant!
  • Playing with trends: You don't adopt a trend because it's a trend, you try it to see if it enriches your personal style. If it doesn't work for you, you just let it go.

I'm always excited about trends because they tell me a lot about the world and people. There are many trends I like on others, but I'm not interested to try them myself (prime example: jumpsuits). There are also trends I dislike, but what other people choose to wear is none of my business, so while I might express my disdain for a certain piece, I in no way mean to criticize those who wear it.

Do you follow trends? If yes, why?