Two lovely things that made me happy today

Last Updated on July 13, 2015

... fashion blogging-wise:

1. Dear Anne's comment on my previous post:

[...] after following countess fashion blogs, I continue to follow only yours. This is because you are personable, you speak with your readers, you post with clear intention and make it relevant, unique and interesting to yourself rather than focusing on "being the first to do something" or what not.

I think this blog is a perfect example of what a fashion blog should be and I enjoy it very much :)

I always look forward to Anne's comments because they're insightful and get the conversation going (seriously, if Anne comments on your blog, you should be flattered! I am. Note that she's also a brilliant writer), but this one especially made me feel incredibly happy. It means so much to me that you (my readers) enjoy my work.

This is one of the greatest compliments I've ever received - in general, not just as a blogger. Thank you so much, Anne! :*

2. Remember my post about The Coveted vs. The Coveted controversy? The situation has resolved in Jennine's favor! So many bloggers were hoping for this outcome, but I think none of us could imagine it would happen this quickly. has rebranded as The Coveteur and will be using this name and domain from now on.

There's one good aspect to The Coveted imbroglio: it made us aware that we need to protect our work. Vahni's post about claiming your trademark on Grit & Glamour has been extremely helpful. If you're interested in how you can protect your brand online for free, I strongly recommend you read it.

11 thoughts on “Two lovely things that made me happy today”

  1. Omg Eva, you made my day! I am so happy and flattered, thank you sweetheart :hugs:
    And it is wonderful news about TheCoveted - it feels so good to know that these copyright issues are being taken more seriously now. Could it be that the internet is becoming civilised?? I do hope so ! :D

  2. I would agree with Anne's comment, your writing is insightful and enjoyable. On your last post, I read that earlier and I had a similar reaction to you but I couldn't quite verbalize it. It was positive and negative... it was honest, and it was truthful.

    On that other note, I'm happy with the outcome for the Coveted debacle!

    • Thank you, Joanne! :) I'm glad you could relate to that post so much - I think everyone who writes strives for readers to understand, and even if just one person gets it, the mission is fulfilled.

  3. Absolutely everything happens for a reason and I agree wholeheartedly that this debacle with Jennine happened for the benefit of the community. It happened to someone who was equipped to handle it with grace and who had the support she needed and now we have a helpful cautionary tale to help us in our work as blogging moves forward and gains yet more credibility. I'm very pleased it ended the way it did so Jennine can focus on her good work including prepping for Evolving Influence!
    I agree with your reader. I come to your site for a sound and knowledgeable voice in what is sometimes a cacophony of fashion blogs.


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