Guo Pei: Vibrant Chinese extravagance

Last Updated on January 15, 2016

I found this video yesterday and it just blows my mind. How have I not heard of this woman before?

Guo Pei (watch for her humble appearance at the end of the video) is a Chinese fashion designer best known to the public for the ceremonial dresses she designed for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The outfit worn by actress Zhang Ziyi at the Olympic Flame ceremony (photo here) was another Guo Pei masterpiece. That dress is probably the only thing I still remember from the Olympics.

From what I gather online, Guo Pei is huge in China. There are almost no articles on her from non-Chinese sources though. She probably doesn't need (nor yearns for) foreign exposure - she's too busy designing for a world we'll never know.

Note how it's very convenient that models have to walk slowly in those ridiculously I-just-don't-know-what (but it's a positive adjective!) shoes. This way you have enough time to absorb all the details in outfits, hair styles and make-up.

Guo Pei shoes, Fall/Winter 2010/2011

Guo Pei, I bow down to you! (not in these shoes though)

7 thoughts on “Guo Pei: Vibrant Chinese extravagance”

  1. Very nice. Love the third design, would love to wear it, though I usually don't fall for this kind of designs. And the models strutting down the runway so gracefully. Reminds me of Geishas. Amazing.
    First time I hear about her to.
    Probably Vogue China's amazing. I was never really interested in Chines fashion. But I'm definitely gonna dig into it.
    P.S. Wouldn't wear the shoes though. (If they had a ''normal'' heal...well that's a different story :)

    • Re: "this kind of designs" - I agree completely, it's usually so kitschy and overdone (it seems that in fashion Chinese motives are everyone's favorite easy way out), but this is something different. Another universe perhaps.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog, and wow those shoes are amazing. I didn't see you mention it, but I believe many traditional chinese "heels" were modeled in a such a way that had a sharp platform on the bottom with the actual shoe part on top. Either way, it's amazing to see this unique modernized take on them!


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