How (not) to write collection reviews

Last Updated on January 30, 2013

To those who think that describing garments with flowery adjectives alone constitutes as a collection review:

It doesn't. I have eyes in my head, I can see what the clothes are like. Tell me about the context. Tell me how the collection compares to the previous ones. Tell me who is going to buy it. Tell me about the designer. Tell me about the inspiration. Tell me what message you get from it. Tell me something new.

9 thoughts on “How (not) to write collection reviews”

    • It's a major pet peeve of mine because even magazines (or rather, the people who write for them) do fluff instead of offering an interesting perspective beneficial to their readers. Not sure if I can call what I write about collections "real" reviews already, but it's something I very much want to learn to do well. I'm super glad you like them, though, thank you for the compliment!

  1. I love the way you write about fashion and the composition of this blog. This is picture is very interesting. I know what you mean about reviews. I just roll my eyes and yawn. Sometimes I don't want to know what Japanese film about some flower in some scene has to do with this dress. Tell me what I need to know

  2. good point-- don't like looking at fluff but I want to see solid stuff, rather than nonsensical padding. Just discovered your blog via Friend Friday. . love the collection of shoes you doled out in the previous post too!

  3. i couldnt have discovered this post at a better time. im writing collection reviews for the first time (japan fashon week - mine is a japanese fashion/designers blog) so thank you so much for this. its been a gr8 help xx


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