UK Vogue December 2010: Star Signs

The UK Vogue Star Signs is my favorite December editorial even though it's not December yet. I love how it encompasses the magic and whimsical end-of-the-year spirit without any kitsch. The horoscope theme fits it perfectly because it has that same little touch of mystery as late December. Isn't it beautiful when those behind the ... Read more

10 easy tips to promote your fashion blog and get more followers

Some of you requested tips on how to promote your blog effectively after reading my blogger self-promotion posts, so I put together this list. It was written with fashion bloggers in mind, but most of these tips actually apply to any kind of blog. I hope you find it useful. :) If there's anything you're ... Read more

Moschino gloves giveaway results

Ana Goncalves (comment no. 105) is the winner of the Moschino gloves giveaway. Congratulations! I'll send you the gloves as soon as possible. The number of total giveaway entries truly blew me away this time.  Thanks to everyone else who participated! :)

FBFF: Blogger self-promotion

photo from tumblr (uncredited)

I loved reading and replying to your comments on my post about fashion bloggers and self-promotion - thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts! I'm also very flattered that post was chosen as the basis for this week's set of questions for Fashion Beauty Friend Friday, in which I'm participating for the first ... Read more

Fashion blogs and self-promotion: How much is too much?

There is a special place in hell for fashion bloggers

I've recently heard that the fashion blogosphere has reached a point of oversaturation. It's becoming increasingly hard to "break through" and there's nothing new left to say. While a debate about this would deserve its own post, truth is that many fashion bloggers have resorted to abusing the community for unabashed self-promotion in hopes to ... Read more