The Ultimate Fashion Blogging Tips & Resources List

Last Updated on July 25, 2022

Fashion blogging tips

Improving your blog

Killer Fashion Blogging: 50 Ways to Take Your Fashion Blog to the Next Level
A Detailed Guide To Write An SEO Optimized Blog Post in WordPress
5 Ways to Create Flagship Content for Your Fashion Blog
Blogging Tip: How to Use Images For Your Blog
6 Stunning Visuals That Will Make Your Content Memorable, Sharable, and Beautiful
11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]
The Secrets to Successful Fashion Blogging
Secrets to Successful Fashion Blogging Part II
How To: Use SWOT Analysis to Strengthen Your Blog Business
12 PR, Marketing & Business Tips for Fashion Bloggers

Increasing followers and traffic

10 easy tips to promote your fashion blog and get more followers
8 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic through Social Media
5 Actionable Tips to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic
How do I get more blog followers?
How to Find Readers For Your Blog
Using Social Media Sites to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic
The Top 10 Ways to Get the Traffic You Crave
57 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Improving your writing

Hemingway - Excellent free editing app
7 Simple Edits That Make Your Writing 100% More Powerful
6 Lessons for Writing Irresistibly Magnetic Blog Post Headlines
317 Power Words That’ll Instantly Make You a Better Writer
12 Writing Exercises That Will Transform Your Copy Today
4 Steps to Finding Your Ideal Writing Voice


Fashion 2.0: Blogging Your Way to The Front Row- The Insider's Guide to Turning Your Fashion Blog into a Profitable Business and Launching a New Career, Vol. 1
So, You Want to Be a Fashion Blogger?: A 10-Step Guide to Starting out in the World of Fashion Blogging
How to Become a Fashion Writer: Taking Your Writing to the Runway
Writing for the Fashion Business
Style Feed: The World's Top Fashion Blogs

Blog post ideas

50 Can’t-Fail Techniques for Finding Great Blog Topics
HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator
Content Idea Generator
28 and a ½ Ideas for Blog Posts
31 Post Ideas for Fashion Blogs
4 Ways You Can Use Google To Find New Blog Post Ideas
29 Beauty & Style Blog Post Ideas
Blogging block - 20 post ideas
How to Find More Content Ideas than You’ll Ever be Able to Create

Fashion/apparel terminology

Fashion A to Z: An Illustrated Dictionary (Mini)
WWD Glossary
Fashion Glossary
Word4word (English, German, Dutch, Danish)

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How To Turn Your Blog Into A Networking Powerhouse
Tips for Networking at Blog Conferences
Five Networking Tips for New Fashion Bloggers
Networking Tips for Your Next Fashion Event
Business Cards for Bloggers: Everything You Need from A-Z
How to Leverage Events to Build Your Brand
How to send a personal email
37 Tips for Writing Emails that Get Opened, Read, and Clicked

Getting into fashion week

How Fashion Bloggers Gain Access to NY Fashion Week
So, you want to go to Fashion Week? Get your press ticket requests right
How to apply for fashion week
How Can I Get Into Fashion Week?

Blog design

3 Ways Your Web Design Can Better Connect You to Your Audience
6 Graphic Design Resources For Fashion Bloggers
Where to Get Cool Blogger Templates for Fashion Bloggers
Why a Fancy Logo is a Waste of Time and Money (and What You Need Instead)
Top 12 Best Fashion Blog WordPress Themes

Social media tips

Modern Etiquette: Social Media Do’s & Don’ts
The Instagram Habits of Mega-Popular Fashion Bloggers
Creating Content Pinterest Users will LOVE
The Art of Writing Great Google+ Posts
The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines
10 Twitter Tips For Marketing Your Fashion Brand
5 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter
The Art of Getting Retweets
How to make your blog's Facebook page pretty
7 Ways To Get More Engagement Out of Your Photos on Facebook

Monetizing your blog

How to Make It As a Fashion Blogger: Facts, Figures, and Insider Tips
The Fashion Blogger’s Quick Guide to Monetization
The Anatomy of A Money-Making Personal Style Post
4 Steps to Monetize Your Blog Through Affiliate Marketing
10 Tips for Maximizing Affiliate Income (Without Losing Your Soul)
Monetizing Your Blog: 5 Things You MUST Include In Your Media Kit
The E-Shop: A Blogger’s Best Source of Income?

Affiliate companies

The Guide to Affiliate Companies Every Fashion Blogger Must Know
Case Study: Affiliate Earnings With Rewardstyle vs. ShopSense
A Guide to Blogger Affiliate and Advertising Programs
Shopstyle vs. Rewardstyle Affiliate Links
Easy Habits To Make Your Blog’s Affiliate Links Successful

Working with brands and PRs

Don’t Wait for Brands to Notice Your Blog
The Anatomy of A Blog-to-Brand Deal Part I: You Pitch Them
3 Things to do Before Contacting a PR Agency to Send You Free Stuff
How to work with PRs and their brands
Shit Fashion Bloggers Do: Dealing With PRs

Blogging platforms

WordPress vs. Blogger – The Pros and Cons



High-quality catwalk images

Vogue Italia

Fashion news
Women's Wear Daily
The Telegraph Fashion

Press contacts

Fashion Monitor (paid subscription)


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