My current make-up favorites

Last Updated on January 30, 2013

My story with make-up is that I wore exactly zero until I was 18, and even then the first year it was only soft smudged brown eyeliner. I'm much more into make-up today, it's especially useful when I go through bouts of lack sartorial inspiration and wear lazy clothes - I compensate by doing more innovative and detailed make-up (lifts your spirits immensely too).

Here are some of my current make-up favorites:

Mascaras: Art Deco, Diorshow Iconic and Blackout, Maybelline Black Drama Falsies
Mascaras: ArtDeco All in One (blue), Diorshow Iconic and Blackout, Maybelline Falsies Black Drama. Iconic is my everyday "I'm-not-wearing-make-up" brown mascara. When I want really intense eyelashes, I apply one layer of Blackout and two layers of Black Drama.

Collistar violet eyeliner and eye shadow
Collistar eye shadow and violet eyeliner. They're from their current "Italian Look" collection, which I raved about extensively on Twitter. The colors are so wonderful.

MAC Aquadisiac, Chanel, Collection 2000 Glam Crystals gel liner

MAC Aquadisiac eye shadow, Collection 2000 Glam Crystals gel liner, Chanel eyeliner. The brand Collection 2000 was completely unknown to me until I found this gel liner in a duty free shop when I was waiting at Gatwick airport in London alone on a Sunday evening and my flight got delayed for 2 hours. Oh, fate.

Lip glosses: MAC, Maybelline

Lip glosses: Maybelline, MAC, Maybelline. I used to ignore lip glosses completely because my hair stuck to lip gloss in windy weather. Now I know better and choose lipstick for such uncanny occasions instead. In the meantime I've also learned lip glosses are much more practical to apply than lipstick; during warmer months you'll always find one in my bag.

7 thoughts on “My current make-up favorites”

  1. I recently switched to everything MAC. It's so good, I lost interest in other make-up brands, totally.

  2. haha, that fateful make up moment at the airport sounds so familiar :D that's how I discovered MAC years ago and I don't bother with anything else since.
    personally, can't live without "Studio Fix Fluide" NW20, whatever lipgloss goes with my outfit, and smoky eye pencil, all else is optional :D

  3. I love those teal colours, they are gorgeous. :-) I would love to have bought more makeup while I was over in the states as it's just so much more expensive here!


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