Past & present: Benetton cardigan romance

Last Updated on January 30, 2013

Benetton cardigan

A few years ago I owned a black Benetton wool cardigan that closed with a line of pearl-like buttons. Always feeling cold, I wore it so often that after a couple of seasons it began showing signs of incessant wear. A small hole in one of the sleeves put an end to our romance, but I couldn't throw it away out of predilection, choosing instead to retire it in my closet. Every time I would delve into its depths and find the cardigan stashed among the items that met similar fate, I'd lovingly reminisce about the good times we shared together. Indeed, I never did come across another cardigan that compared to its warmth and elegance.

When I walked into the Benetton store in Trieste last week, I discovered an array of the very same cardigans right at the entrance. It was a total surprise because I never knew Benetton repeated their clothes. As I usually have immense trouble finding cardigans that fit well (they're usually loose in a variety of unflattering ways), as well as for obvious nostalgic reasons, I bought the cardigan in beige. Black wasn't an option because I already wore it years ago and also because too many black clothes are overkill for me, no matter how much I love the color.

My beloved cardigan and I are now reunited. Thank you, Benetton, for resurrecting it at exactly the right time!

Have you ever worn a piece of clothing so much that it ended up in really bad condition?
Was it hard for you to say goodbye to it? Did you find a replacement?

11 thoughts on “Past & present: Benetton cardigan romance”

  1. Now that you mention it... Last year I had to throw away my most beloved shoes.... :-( Now, I am quite aware they will seem nothing special to most people out there, but they were, like, made for me. I am tall and not really slim and I laugh a lot and walk boldly, as if trying to stay in movement, in the flow, so these shoes represented all that (bold elegance that will enable movement or something, don't know). It's not my imagination, either: quite a few people said they were made for me, even though I never asked... I also went to the shop where I had gotten them 8 years ago and of course they were not selling them anymore or going to do so :-) Ever since, there's a shoe-formed hole in my life... :-)

    But since you were talking about a sweater... I still have a black H&M pullover that I bought in 1997. It's quite threadbare at the elbows but I don't think I am going to throw it away... I bought it during my second trip to Berlin :-)

    • So H&M's quality was much better 10 years ago? I have some pieces from them from 2005 that I never wore often (the humble reason behind this is that I really love them and wanted them to last) and the buttons are about to fall off. After 5 years of almost no wear!

      • I didn't wear the pullover a lot, either, to make it last. I could still wear it at home, but not outside - I guess the quality of most H&M clothes has always been the same. It's just that it was ascribed that huge sentimental value (more or less by coincidence, because I wasn't shopping in Berlin, I just grabbed it.)

        I think it is those simple tops, made in Turkey, that last the longest, even though they are basics and get worn more often.

        And of course Benetton is a better idea :-)

  2. And that's why i love Benetton. You can always, always find something beautifully simple, useful and it will last for years, because of the excellent quality, as you said.

    My most worn piece was a hoodie that I really adored. The zip is almost broken so I can't use it anymore.. But I will keep it in my closet forever.

    Is the cardigan you found one of the cachemire ones? They are just lovely, so soft and warm. Mmmmm cozy..

    • It's regular wool. But I know which ones you're talking about, I saw them in the window and if I hadn't bought the beige cardigan, it would have been one of the cashmere ones. Such lovely colors!

  3. Yah! I wear through black driving shoes. I had a pair that was the perfect simplicity: no buckle, no design on the front, pebble grain leather, white stitching, soft, the rubber nubs came up the heel. They were from Banana Republic. I haven't since found a pair that compares. I do have one now, that I ripped the buckle off of, now those are pretty beat up, so I need a replacement for those whenever I find them. This one is silly but I really loved it: I used to have a watermelon pink Jelly Kelly! lol! I wish they would make a comeback. Though I'd want it in a more sensible color than I had in high school, maybe a grey.

    • I've just googled Jelly Kelly to see if it's what I imagined it would be. It is! Now I'm a little sad I've never seen one in life.


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