Acne Spring/Summer 2011 clogs Acne Spring/Summer 2011 clogs

I once read that in times of (economic) crisis, trends dictate higher and higher heels deforming women's feet, suggesting an almost post-apocalyptic vision of the world in shreds where women tower over men, children, the old and the disabled by a good 16+ cm (6,3 inches), being above everyone else figuratively and literally (how feminist!), albeit with shaky knees (... not so feminist). Memory's not serving me well at the moment and I can't remember the author nor source of this theory, but I thought it would still be interesting to see if it holds any water:

The last few seasons saw a massive rise of shoes instantly labeled as unwearable, insane or plain ugly even by the most devoted of fashionistas; think Nina Ricci cut-out platform boots and Alexander McQueen's armadillos. Both are revolutionary, redefining the shape and even function of the shoe, extremely difficult to walk in (these characteristics in particular are very reminiscent of the lack of stability of the current world system) and they most definitely make you look tall, thus fitting all the criteria proposed by our theory. These Acne Spring/Summer 2011 wooden block clogs repeat the scenario: they'll make you suffer as the ankle/overall support is basically zilch (Such tiny straps! It's a miracle that not one model tripped over at the show, although you can see some of them holding handrails on the stairs in front of the runway), they'll make you able to look at others from above and they introduce a new, unusual shape. I predict they'll sell like hot cakes.

These clogs also remind me of the Japanese geta sandals, the final reason why my answer to them despite the fact that they're obviously not the most gorgeous shoes in the history of mankind is a big YES. A Swedish brand taking cues from Japanese tradition? Forget the crisis, hooray for globalization!