Lanvin for H&M Womenswear lookbook Lanvin for H&M Womenswear lookbook

I'm not nearly as stoked about the Lanvin for H&M collection as I thought I'd be.

The menswear is so dull that I won't waste any further word on it, but I would like to discuss womenswear. When I saw the lookbook yesterday, I found it difficult to focus on clothes because of messy styling. There's just too much stuff. I feel that this lookbook is primarily targeting customers with very short attention spans, but I don't think that should be the point of it. Another reason for this is probably that when the clothes are photographed on white background, separate from other pieces, most of them are suddenly not all that interesting any more.

There's also the age-old issue of quality. It's hard to judge the quality of clothes based on photos, but I noticed that a lot of the pieces have unfinished hems and it doesn't look fancy. It just looks unfinished. I think it's very possible to design an elegant garment with unfinished hems (I own one), but here it comes off as a tad sloppy.

I do like the skirts and a couple of dresses, however their hemlines are so short that if I were to wear any of these clothes, I'd feel like a prostitute (this is not a critique, just my personal discomfort with hemlines much above the knee). On the other hand, the accessories look extremely cheap and I don't know why anyone should buy them.

My biggest problem with this collection is that as a longtime admirer of the House of Lanvin and Alber Elbaz, I don't feel that these clothes are speaking to me. The reason I was initially so excited about this collaboration is that I hoped it would give all of us who can't afford to shop at Lanvin a chance to own a tiny bit of an iconic house as well as fashion history. I'm sad to say that I don't think I'll own a piece of Lanvin if I buy anything from this collection.

This collection wasn't designed for Lanvin fans. It was designed for H&M customers. (Not that there's anything wrong with being an H&M customer, I am one myself - you know what I mean) Also for people who will be ecstatic to buy something "designer" without knowing anything about the designer. People who will come in after the first few days of sales (assuming there will be pieces left, and in many stores it will happen because the hype isn't the same everywhere) not knowing anything about the collaboration and buy the clothes because they look like regular H&M selection. People who will spend hours waiting in front of the store the day the collection is released, grabbing everything they can once they've been let in, regardless of size, quality or whether they actually want it.

I understand H&M's need to sell, especially in this economy, and I'm a big fan of both H&M and Lanvin, but I believe that with a genius like Alber Elbaz at the helm, it would certainly be possible to have great clothes that sell instead of mediocre clothes that sell. The question is, Will you still be wearing them in 5 years?